Newell, Arthur

Arthur Newell – Evansville 1978

Br Art Newell’s letter to Sr Anne Harris:    I was born in Jackson, Michigan, in April, 1900.  My parents came in contact with Present Truth and accepted it in about 1910 or 1911, as best I can recall.  They both accepted it as of our Heavenly Father, and I did also as I learned it and came to understand it.  I made a full consecration to do God’s will in 1915.  As the years rolled on, I became more and more convinced and am still convinced that it is the best decision that I ever made or can make, and likewise for everyone!  Both of my parents likewise recognized that same decision to be the best they ever made and remained fully in Present Truth until he finished his earthly course in 1941 and she in 1959.

In late 1915, the family moved to Kirkwood, Missouri, and we became members of the St Louis Bible Student Ecclesia, our home being about 15 miles from the meeting place, and on the street car line.  In my electronic engineering work after graduation from Washington University in 1923 and doing part time instruction work there until 1925, I went with the Bell Telephone Laboratories in New York City until 1932.  However, I was in the office only 18 months of that time.

Then I went back to Kirkwood and in 1941, to Texas from 1941 through 1956, starting a small class in San Antonio with the help of an older sister from Br Russell’s day.  I met with a class in Dallas through World War 2.  From 1956 through 1965, I was in and met with the class in Kansas City, Mo.  In 1965 the FAA, with which I was working as an electronic engineer until I retired in 1970, transferred me to Chicago.  I have been living in my house near O’Hare Field in Des Plaines, Illinois.  From 1965 onward I have been a member of the Chicago Bible Students Ecclesia.

Arthur Newell - August 7, 2016

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