In 1916 the Watch Tower Bible Tract Society made available to the brethren phonographs named Angelophone along with 50 records of hymns and hymn talks.  They Hymns and Hymn talks were recorded and sung by Henry Burr.   This MP 3 recording is a reading of some of those hymn talks from the Angelo-phone Hymn book.  We are providing a link to those who wish to read or see these hymns and hymn talks.


In the Reprints of a 1916 Watchtower you will find and advertisement for the Angelo-phones and the Angelo-phone Records.

Abide with Me sung by Henry Burr:

Here is an interesting link to Wikipedia giving more information on the recording artist.

Angelophone - January 1, 1970

Angleophone Hymn Talks (Starts with page 68)

More Messages from Angelophone...

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